user agreement

User agreement for,,,, and websites (from now on: "telavivcity" , "haifacity", "jerusalem city" "herzliya city" "eylat city" or "the site" "the sites") owned and operated by city websites ltd ("The company").
Any use of the site (either using the internet, TV or in any other way), its contents (any information given, of any type - text, picture, movie, animation, code, program and so on) and its services will be obliged to this agreement and form a consent to all term contained in the agreement. The services - Mycity and Smscity, which require a special enrollment process, are obliged both to this agreement and the particular terms found in the specific user agreement of those services (that can be found here).

This site will be used for personal and private needs only. Any un-personal and un-private use, and especially commercial use,  is forbidden.
Any un-personal use requires a written consent from the site's administrator.

The user will have no complaint or demands regarding the site or it's content. The site will be used "as is" with no modification for different users.

All royalty and copy lefts of the site, it's content and services belong to the site or a third party which had given a consent for the site's use.

In order to receive a written consent for using the site or it's content please contact the site's administrator at

Each violation of the royalty and copy lefts will be a violation of the Israeli Copy left law, 1982.

Site content
The site provides information regarding entertainment, culture, accommodation, food , events and so on in different cities in Israel. The contents are provided by different businesses and the site is not by any way guaranteeing it's accuracy or correctness. The site will hold no responsibility for any damages that will occur as a result of use or relying of the site, its content or services.

The site contains link to external pages (Any webpage which is not under the site's domain). The site will not be hold liable regarding the content or services given in those pages, and will not be responsible to any damages caused by using information of services given on those pages.

The site holds commercial and advertisement content which forms in different ways. Those contents were submitted by external advertisers and the site is not liable for any damage caused by those advertisements. Any deal taking place as a result of those advertisements are a matter of the user and the advertisers and the site is not a side of that deal.

Use Privacy policy

The company will be entitled to use information given by the user while using the site, as well as information gathered on this use pattern in the site (including by use of "cookies"), subject to the law, in the following cases:

- to improve the service, information and content the company and/or third parties offer and will will as part of the services subject to the user/ users and/or some of the users and/or MyCity subscribers.

- For statistical information analytics by and company and/or transferring such information for third parties, as long as the information will remain anonymous and unidentified.

- For contacting the user

- For service maintenance

- For research and examination of the user's activity

- The company is using third party advertisement company's services in order to present advertisements in the site. These companies may be using details (not including name, address, Email address or phone number) of the user, with regards to the user's visit to the site in order to show advertisement appealing to the user's interest. If you wish to know more about this subject, or how to prevent the companies from using this information, click here.  

Users responsibility

Using the site is on the sole of the user.
User that does not follow the terms of this agreement to reconcile the site for any damages caused by doing so,  to the site, it's employees or directors including

Changes in the site
The site holds the left so change its design, content and appearance every once in a while as well as utterly ending it's activity. The user will have no complaint nore requirements regarding so. The site may end Mycity and Smscity services once an Email notification was given a reasonable time in advance.

Changes in the user agreement

The site may change and update the agreement from time to time. The updated agreement will be available online . Using the site is a full consent to the updated terms and it is recommended to read the updated terms before every use of the site.